Test Page

I am going to use this page to experiment. While I have used WordPress as an established CMS, I have not designed elements before or had to insert multimedia. I have been spoiled and am now having to try out features to pass on the information to you.

Great sourcing – use as a model


Open Carry

Brighton school meet


Embed tweet

WordPress makes it so much easier than blogspot, where I have two sites.  Don’t start cheering yet because it was (insert expletive) to get my Twitter feed to show in WordPress, while it was super easy on blogspot.

The lesson learned from WordPress is the themes really affect what multimedia features you can use.  I haven’t had that experience before. Certain features won’t show on your pages depending on the theme you use for your blog. Keep that in mind.

The free version of WordPress.com has its limitations. You can’t install plug ins, which really limits the features of your site. The number of themes available at no cost are also limited.

Embedded video

Okay, granted that wasn’t so bad either especially if you are posting a Youtube video. That is what you’ll do. Post your videos to Youtube and then link them to your site. It helps with SEO and you don’t have to host the link.




USA Today

Nate Silver





This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I am very sad that I can’t install plugins in WordPress. I will not let it defeat me. I created a chat function on my blogspot website where we will go when we practice live blogging.  Problem solved.

live blog pic
Screen capture of chat room set up.

Just note: I will disable any video on the blogspot page when we use this chat room so as not to distract people.

We used chat rooms embedded on our main website page mostly during elections so results were reported as quickly as possible.

The occasional live blog feed is used by the Free Press and others during really important news events. I remember it used heavily during the bail hearings and corruption trial of former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.


Reporter II



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The Washtenaw Community College course held on Tuesday nights in the winter semester of 2015.

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