This week’s assignment is recreating an event and telling the story going forward.

You want to write about what happened in completion and discuss where are are we now because of what happened?

I want to see pictures from the immediate aftermath, and more recent pictures telling of  the impact of the event. I want social media from then? and social media now discussing the impact. Find social media through knowing the dates of the event.

This is primarily a research assignment and putting together a package with the pieces you collect.

In your story you need:

  • A story (make sure you have proper attribution)
  • Links (at least 5 meaningful connections)
  • Pictures (at least 2)
  • Video (one)
  • Social media (both comments by others via Twitter and Facebook – at least 4)

I want to see the placement of these addons and how they fit into your story. They need to be woven in, not just added without a thought.

Pick one of the following events:

  • San Bernardino terrorist attack
  • Paris terrorist attack





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