Heads, subheads & chunks


In a normal story you put a subhead in a story as a natural transition between paragraphs that change thoughts. Subheads can be partial quotes or rephrasing of a quote, new theory or trend

Subheads are used often in print, but no as much online unless it’s a long feature story.


This story makes use of subheads, graphics, pictures and links.


The theory of using subheads in digital journalism involves short attention spans and disseminating information in an easy to find  way for people scanning stories.

This is a perfect example of chunking/lists


The stories that start with numbers and include chunks are generally not hard news.

Practicing using a chatroom.


Another feature example of using subheads


At the bottom of this story there is a great section on related stories  a feature you’d include.


Tonight’s Assignment:

Pick your press release:

Oscars and glasses


Being single


What reporters are covering during the election










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