The basics of HTML


HTML tutorials

HTML basics and foundations

If you are using Firefox the modern way to finding the source code is this:

To view the source code of a web page in Mozilla Firefox, follow the steps below. Open Mozilla Firefox and navigate to the web page of your choice. Press the Alt key to bring up the browser’s menu bar. Select Tools, Web Developer, and then Page Source.

To be able to view the source code of a webpage under Safari, you first need to enable the Developer menu:
Click on Safari menu > Preferences > Advanced.
Check “Show Develop menu in menu bar”.
Close the Preferences window.
Go to the Develop menu > Show Page Source.

What are meta tag?

A meta tag is a tag (that is, a coding statement) in the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) that describes some aspect of the contents of a Web page.

Html Tutorial Part 2

The above video ends abruptly, but here are a list of common html tags.

The HTML of links and nesting of tags.

World Wide Web Consortium


Tonight’s practice assignment. Open up a new post, click on the HTML code page and code a page using tags. Write a paragraph making sure to use different text enhancement like bold and italic. Make a list.  Experiment and build a page with as much code knowledge as you have.


Multi-Media Storytelling

Here are some examples we’ll review of excellent multi-media storytelling. See how the stories are enhanced with these elements and consider how your stories can be augmented.

What is multi-media storytelling

Another take on what makes the best multi-media storytelling

Crime Map

A home less girl

Iraq and Chemical Weapons

Women of West Point

Same Sex Weddings

Planet Money makes a T-shirt

Tonight’s assignment:

Consider a story you might be working on or have worked on for a previous course. How might you have used video, audio, rich content? How would these features help advance your story in ways that text cannot?




This week’s assignment is recreating an event and telling the story going forward.

You want to write about what happened in completion and discuss where are are we now because of what happened?

I want to see pictures from the immediate aftermath, and more recent pictures telling of  the impact of the event. I want social media from then? and social media now discussing the impact. Find social media through knowing the dates of the event.

This is primarily a research assignment and putting together a package with the pieces you collect.

In your story you need:

  • A story (make sure you have proper attribution)
  • Links (at least 5 meaningful connections)
  • Pictures (at least 2)
  • Video (one)
  • Social media (both comments by others via Twitter and Facebook – at least 4)

I want to see the placement of these addons and how they fit into your story. They need to be woven in, not just added without a thought.

Pick one of the following events:

  • San Bernardino terrorist attack
  • Paris terrorist attack




Legal and Ethical Issues



There are many legal and ethical issues unique to online journalism. Let’s review a few issues:


Great summation of problems with defamation online and off.


Here is a local example:

Michigan Student wins libel suit against lawyer


Facebook threats



Be careful when you aggregate

Gawker’s big mistake

Great Review of Copyright law


When looking for images the key words for you are:
Stock Images
Royalty free
Limited copyright – some rights reserved

Flickr is a great site for free photography with for non commercial use like a blog or news story.


Stock Free Images

User Agreements

All media sites have what is also called a Terms of Service.

Links and Online-only news sites

In the past decade, several online-only news sites have established themselves. Here are a few:

Texas Tribune




Huffington Post



Drudge Report


Your assignment tonight is to contrast and compare three online-only news sites and discuss how they use links and digital techniques. Your 300-word story should also include 5 links and be written like a news article.


Your Tweets






Quick Links For Michigan Primary

Here are some quick links to use as resources for tonight.

Democratic presidential contenders:

Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton
please note her name is spelled with two LLs.

Republican contenders:

Donald Trump

John Kasich

Marco Rubio

This link takes you to bizarre places and slogans.

Ted Cruz

It took some searching to find his official site. That is not good for him.

Oh too funny. The site is not pro-Ted Cruz. I think I knew that, but forgot it.

Secretary of State

SES County Page

Live coverage:

The Atlantic

New York Times

Washington Post

Where to get background information:

MLive Election Page




Heads, subheads & chunks


In a normal story you put a subhead in a story as a natural transition between paragraphs that change thoughts. Subheads can be partial quotes or rephrasing of a quote, new theory or trend

Subheads are used often in print, but no as much online unless it’s a long feature story.

This story makes use of subheads, graphics, pictures and links.

The theory of using subheads in digital journalism involves short attention spans and disseminating information in an easy to find  way for people scanning stories.

This is a perfect example of chunking/lists

The stories that start with numbers and include chunks are generally not hard news.

Practicing using a chatroom.

Another feature example of using subheads

At the bottom of this story there is a great section on related stories  a feature you’d include.

Tonight’s Assignment:

Pick your press release:

Oscars and glasses

Being single

What reporters are covering during the election








Social Media #2

Other social media sites to know:





Google +

antonin scalia
Antonin Scalia, Supreme Court Justice, died Feb. 13, 2016.

Twitter story

A storm of politics was stirred with the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Saturday.

President Barack Obama vowed to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, while Republicans in Congress said they would not consider any nomination and think the empty slot should be filled by the next president.

Do research, write summary of story based on research and use Tweets for quotes.

Search for keywords

Scroll through tweets for well-known people.

Written content.

Written content.

Ed the sock was not a fan of the justice.

Write a fun story on a current topic. You can include some opinion in your writing, although keep it moderated and supported by facts.
Here are some possible topics:

Super Bowl halftime show controversy

Comments made by renowned feminists about millennial female voters.

The Washtenaw Community College course held on Tuesday nights in the winter semester of 2015.